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01/25 Birthday - Zodiac Information. January Most Compatabile With: Sagittarius The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on January 25th.

Jan 28, 2. Pisces and leos will never mix. No No. Jan 28, 3. It's not that simple, post the rest of the chart. Sun-Sun compatibility is useless IMO. And cusps don't exist.

Jan 28, 4. Jan 28, 5. Jan 28, 6. I cant imagine a Pisces and a Leo together. The lion would chew that fish the fuck out.

Relationship Compatibility of the Cancer-Leo Cusp with Other Signs

Jan 28, 7. Jan 28, 8. Pisces that dated a Leo He's a HO and while we got along we didn't get along If that makes sense. May work for you though! Jan 28, 9.

ALL Cancer/Leo Cusp .. PLZ STEP FORWARD !! - dxpnet

I'm a pisces and I love Leos, but the Leos I've met didn't really had the most notable character traits of Leos because of the rest of their chart. Jan 28, I think thats a cusp? He's been an absolute sweetheart to me. He does have a pisces moon tho so I believe that helps are compatibility. Check out other aspects of his chart like others said. Jan 30, Don't do it.

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  2. 5 Reasons Why People Born On The Leo-Virgo Cusp Are A Unique Hybrid.
  3. Cancer Leo Cusp – The Cusp of Oscillation.

All water sign men, especially Pisces and cancer men will appeal try to your emotional side. Having two idealistic signs in one makes for an incredibly magical cusp. Both Gemini and Cancer are lighthearted and fun, and they thrive on making their days as free-flowing as possible. This inspirational way of living might seem too dreamy for some, but it somehow works for a Gemini-Cancer cusp to always have her head in the clouds. No matter what this combination sign does in life, she either does it with absolute and utter devotion or not at all. A Cancer-Leo cusp is incredibly difficult to define, which is why it is so common for her to vibrate between both signs on a frequent basis.

Coming from her Cancer side, this cusp is incredibly sensitive and caring, and she always looks out for the people in her life. While those traits are very important to have and are a rare combination at that, this vibration between the two signs can be confusing and erratic. A Cancer-Leo cusp is often conflicted and volatile, making it almost impossible for others to pin her down. On their own, Leo and Virgo are two headstrong, determined signs. So, when you put them together to create a Leo-Virgo cusp, you get someone who is super hardworking — almost to a fault.

This cusp is also very passionate about life and everything she does, which makes her such a great leader and role model. Instead, this criticism can turn into melodramatic behavior, which only makes her even more impossible to reason with. This over-the-top reaction is rather common in a Leo-Virgo cusp. That said, this cusp also has an artistic side, which makes her more than just book-smart.

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  • The Leo-Virgo Cusp in Astrology.
  • Understanding the Virgo Leo Cusp and How to Deal With It.
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  • She uses her ever-present rationality to make informed, yet original choices. However, while the Virgo-Libra cusp is imaginatively intelligent, she is still a very introspective person, making it easy to close herself off from other people. This cusp is often detached from her family and friends, as well as very materialistic. They share incredibly good judgment — both in relation to their own lives and as founts of advice for their friends and family — which helps them stay on the right path in life.

    These signs also share precision in everything they do, making a Libra-Scorpio cusp amazing in difficult situations. Of course, Libra and Scorpio both have their downfalls, making it easy to see how this cusp could be very dramatic. This combination sign is also incredibly cynical, making it hard for her to get out of her own head and deal with things without her opinion attached to them. What does a combination of two intensely intense signs get you? This cusp can often be like a tornado: in and out of your life quickly, but not before shaking things up.

    Both signs are known for being strong and bold, which is why this combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius is often too much for some people. Scorpio and Sagittarius both have a knack for being rebellious, which is good in some situations, but a whole heap of trouble in others. Sagittarius and Capricorn are both successful, outgoing people, but for different reasons. As for Capricorn, her brains and willingness to push boundaries and get to know everyone makes her super successful.

    Combine the two and you get a smart, popular girl.

    Dating a cancer leo cusp woman

    The Capricorn-Aquarius cusp is a mystery not everyone can solve, herself included. Taking traits from both sides of the cusp, a Capricorn-Aquarius combination is flamboyant and shy, reserved and social. However, as intriguing and mysterious as a combination sign with traits on both sides of the spectrum may seem, it actually can just froth into an unbalanced mess.

    Instead of being able to bounce quickly from trait to trait in order to adapt to any situation, a Capricorn-Aquarius often gets caught up in trying to be both herself and someone everyone approves of, which only adds to her flip-flopping personality. Combining the artistic side of Pisces with the more spiritual side of Aquarius makes for an ethereal cusp.

    Cancer-Leo Cusp (July 19-25) ~Oscillation~

    She does whatever makes her happy, even if it means she often gets lost in her own head. While this might seem dreamy and admirable to fellow Aquarius and Pisces, to others, it seems a bit flaky. Instead of thinking about herself and others equally, she ends up becoming preoccupied and forgetful, often forgoing plans with friends in order to work on her own stuff.

    Where Water Meets Fire

    This inability to make time for both herself and the people in her life is something this cusp needs to revisit. This combination of Pisces and Aries is a rare and valuable one. It brings together the dreamer part of Pisces with the doer side of Aries, creating a dynamic cusp that not only knows what she wants, but is able to go out and get it.