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01/25 Birthday - Zodiac Information. January Most Compatabile With: Sagittarius The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on January 25th.

Her husband had accompanied her. He has predicted that she has a bright future ahead.

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    What are the substitutes of Gemstones Rashi Ratna? How An Astrologer can change our life through suggesting Stones? However, Smriti is not the only politician or human who has sought the services of an astrologer. There are innumerable examples of dignitaries and others seeking advice of these "Pandits" to know what the stars foretell in their respective cases. There are a number of people who believe in destiny and also are of the firm opinion that whatever happens is preordained. In all fairness, there is also a sizable section who rubbish the occult sciences and describe astrologers as soothsayers who occasionally assume the role of psychologists, or simply charlatans.

    In fact, there could be some truth in both the statements. There is no dearth of people who go to them to seek some kind of comfort, while others encounter many of such species who falter in double tongue to quote Shakespeare.

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    Vyas had told her before the elections that she was destined to become a minister even if she was to lose the polls. In the latest instance, he predicted many good things for her including the possibility of her becoming the President of the country in a not too distant future. Whether that happens or not, only time will tell. But Vyas has in the past been consulted by many top politicians and industrialists and they swear by his accuracy.

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    Almost all our politicians have this weakness for the prophecy makers. Sharma told Modi that he would be CM thrice — a hat-trick, a prediction which proved to be on dot. But by some accounts he was not of the opinion that he would subsequently also be India's Prime Minister.

    Indira Gandhi invariably would meet a motley of astrologers and also visited temples to seek the blessings of deities; besides this she would also go to different dargahs. The story goes that amongst the many astrologers she consulted, there was one from Kerala named Nimboodri. She had immense faith in him and summoned him at the time when Rajiv Gandhi was courting Sonia in the late s.

    Being a single mother, Indira was not sure whether an alliance with a foreigner was ideal and wanted her elder son to get married to an Indian, preferably a Kashmiri Pandit. However, Nimboodri told her categorically that Rajiv was deeply in love with his foreign girlfriend and if she did not endorse their relationship, he would get married to her in any case and not return to India. Indira happened to speak to Rajiv the same evening and she discovered that he was determined to get married to Sonia and would settle abroad if she held back her approval.