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01/25 Birthday - Zodiac Information. January Most Compatabile With: Sagittarius The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on January 25th.

The Earth signs get in trouble when they forget that there is more to life than the five senses, and that the inner world is as "real" as the physical plane. People lacking in Earth may have to work hard at bringing their ideas into form and dealing with the everyday tasks of life. Air signifies the mind and communication. Individuals with an airy emphasis are the connectors of the zodiac, linking up diverse people with each other and with new ideas and information.

Air signs are typically intellectual, objective, curious, socially-oriented, cooperative and communicative. Air signs bring the gift of detachment and perspective -- the ability to step back from a situation and see it from different points of view, with neutrality. When negatively expressed, Air signs take impartiality to the extreme and become cold and aloof.

There can also be the "all talk, no action" phenomenon -- a lot of words without meaning or substance to back them up. Water, representing the realm of emotions, is perhaps the least understood element. Watery individuals are the feelers of the zodiac -- a role that is generally not held in high regard in our contemporary culture. Typical Water signs are intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, resourceful, creative and imaginative.

Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. People born in the year of Feb. For those born before Feb. Metal oxen born in are active, so they often live a busy life and almost forget food and sleep all day.

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Generally, they are popular among people and highly praised by others. Since they attach too much importance to friendship and they are very compassionate, they are always used by the people with ulterior motives. So they need to listen to others' advices to avoid from being cheated. Venus will be happy that you did. Virgo Mars will be entering Virgo on August 17th and will remain there until October 4th.

You have a very busy and productive window in time on those dates. Mars loves bein…. Astro Word of the Day: Home Mercury has retrograded back into the sign of Cancer and is joining the party of planets already there. This is the perfect weekend to focus on your home. Do a summer deep house cleaning or join together friends and family for a little gathering. You might feel a bit cozy and private, which is perfect for this lineup of planets.

Treat yourself and others with loving kindness. Evening Planets If you don't have clouds, like the monsoons here, please check out the easy…. Astro Word of the Day: Exertion The planets are lining up nicely for us to continue the work you've been doing. Hopefully you are in the middle of a big, hard project because the planets will help you finish them. It might take a few more days to be clear. Evening Planets Jupiter is easy to see right after sunset high in the sky.

Saturn isn't as easy to spot, but will be getting higher in the sky soon. Astro Word of the Day: Sensitive Venus is exactly oppose serious Saturn today to bring a sobering, quiet feeling. Yesterday was a very intense Lunar Eclipse that many are still reeling from and today is extending that with sensitivity. Be kind to yourself. Do something that nurtures your spirit. Try not to get involved with authority figures. Be your own boss today. Take a nap if you can. Evening Planets Juiter is bright and easy to see high in the sky right after sunset.

Saturn is closer to t…. Why is it particularly strong? Because there are 7 planets involved plus the Nodes of the Moon. It dominates the sky now. The party of planets in Capricorn are opposing the party in Cancer and Leo. When so many planets are part of the Eclipse, it makes it more powerful. I don't usually post the chart of the day, but it's worth looking at today. See all those red lines? Use today to get rid of old stuff and…. This is a great start to the week. Make a good To-Do List and check the items off as you complete them. Choose difficult projects that need some work.

Capricorn loves a challenge. Evening Planets The Moon is joining Saturn tonight. They will be rising in the east right after sunset. Saturn isn't very bright, so you might need binoculars to spot him. They are both in Sagittarius which often brings parties and get togethers with friends. Find a party to go to and have fun. This will be a nice release for the intense week of astrology we have all had. This weekend can lighten thing up. Have a good time! Evening Planets Check out the Moon joining Jupiter both tonight and tomorrow nights.

You can't miss them, as they are two of the brightest celestial b…. This often brings chaos or sudden changes. Go with that energy and switch around as much as you can today. Be flexible because your plans might be changing. Electronics will feel an extra charge of energy, so be patient. Count to 10 before you talk. Look at your life in a new way and let go of yesterday. Evening Planets Tonight and tomorrow nights are the times to watch the Moon getting close and joining Jupiter.

Don't feel bad if you're in a serious mood because Saturn will do that. Grab a project and focus on it until it's done. Try not to get distracted so you can use Saturn in a positive way. Hibernate if you can. Evening Planets It's easy to see the Moon high in the sky now. If you look east you can see brilliant Jupiter. The Moon will be moving closer to Juptier each night this week. Astro Word of the Day: Focus We have an unusual line up of planets today.

The Sun is joining the North Node as they both oppose Saturn. Be your own authority figure and don't give into the stress many are feeling. If you want to hibernate and get things done. Remember you are in charge of your life. Evening Planets The Moon is heading towards…. This is the time to rethink, regroup and redo. Change things up in your life to start fresh. Move things around in your house to make more space.

Let go of the past and focus on the future. So the Moon will be stimulating those intense groupings of planets today. Be as busy as you can be to move forward and try not to look at the recent stress in your world. If you focus on your future, this will bring new energy to your life. Evening Planets This is the week to try to spot both dim Mars and Mercury, who are very close together now. Astro Word of the Day: Courage The Moon has moved into outspoken Aries today and is bringing a sense of strength and power to you.

With the recent tension between the planets, this Moon will help us all have a strong voice. Know that you can handle anything that is given to you. Aries is the warrior and will initiate new beginnings. Evening Planets This is the week to try to see Mercury and Mars. They are in the glow of the Sun, so it won't be easy.

But it's always satisfying when you do spot t….

Astro Word of the Day: Companionship The cozy Moon is right next to Neptune today and are both in a trine to the party of planets we have in Cancer now. What a great set up for hanging out with your good friends and doing something fun or creative. I'm so lucky to go on a little road trip with a couple of my very good girlfriends today.

See if you can do something similar. At least meet some friends at a coffee shop to chat. Evening Planets Mercury is at its greatest elongation today, which m…. Also welcome the sign of Cancer, which always coincides with the Summer Solstice. Since this is the longest day of the year and the shortest night, much of the world is celebrating light. Bon fires are happening in many locations to celebrate the longest day.

This is of course opposite for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer Solstice Today is the first day of summer or the Summer Solstice. Celebrate …. Cancer Happy Birthday, sweet Cancer! This will be an important birthday for you since there will be an Eclipse of the Sun in your sign of Cancer on July 2nd. When your birthday combines with an Eclipse, it usually means a change is going to occur in your life. What are you done with so you can start fresh? Leo Mercury will be doing a retrograde this month in Leo from July 7th — 31st.

A retrograde is the perfect time to rethink…. Astro Word of the Day: Tension The Moon has left the Capricorn planets, but there is still a huge opposition between lots of planets. Mars and Mercury are exactly opposing intense Pluto to bring conflict with communication. In addition, Jupiter is exactly square to Neptune, which is a dicey transit.

What is the truth and what is not? Are people telling you the real story. Make sure you read between the lines now. Morning Planets The Moon is easy to see in the predawn sky and we…. The peak is today and a warning is appropriate. People's tempers could boil about issues from the past. Count to 10 before you say anything today. Emotions are at a high fevered pitch and can cause internal upset in addition to external conflicts. Take is easy and be kind to yourself and o….

Love and Compatibility for December 3 Zodiac

Astro Word of the Day: Transformation We have an intense alignment of planets today and for the next few days. The Capricorn party is being opposed by the planets grouping into a Cancer party. To be specific, Mars and Mercury are exactly opposing Pluto today. Let go of the past to feel a rebirth in your life. You will have to be strong. Freedom will be the result.

Morning Planets The Moon will be visible in the predawn sky for the next two weeks. We can watch her…. This is a perfect set up for a road trip or fun travel. Excitement and joy is around every corner. Be open to new and wild experiences. Say Yes to what comes your way! Evening Planets I hope everyone saw the New Moon last night. She was stunning and you could see Earth Shine too. That is when the light from the Moon bounces off the Earth and then back to illuminate the res…. Astro Word of the Day: Puttering This is one of my favorite words. It means doing what you want to make things more comfortable in your life.

The Moon is right next to Mars and are both in the homey sign of Cancer. Make some good comfort food. You will be too busy to hang out much, even though you would love to just chill. Evening Planets Now is the time to see the New Moon in the western sky. Go out right after sunset and see if you can spot all these 3 celestial bodies: Moon…. This is a great time to go through your house and make it even more beautiful. Focus on food and the kitchen. Take a little nap this afternoon if you can. Evening Planets Tonight is the first night to see the tiny little sliver of a New Moon.

Go out right after sunset and look right above the western horizon and you can see the Moon, Mercury and Mars, if your lucky. Being in Gemini, this is the time to come up with ideas about your future. Make a plan and put it to paper. If you have any writing to do, this is the perfect time to start. You will feel clever and will even surprise yourself at how smart you are. The New Moon is too close to the Sun to be seen tonight.

Tomorrow evening will be better for viewing the little sliver of a Moon about the sunset. If y…. They are both in the luxurious sign of Taurus, so see if you can do something special for yourself today or this weekend. Get a massage, have a facial or just binge watch your favorite show. Luxury or lazy are the best words to explain this combination. Tomorrow is the morning to get up early! The Moon will be joining Venus and will be very, very close. When planets are close it's a real treat. You will …. This is a great time to think big and actually put something to paper.

Open up a new way of thinking in your mind and your life will change as a result. Think about the abundance of ideas and how you can accomplish your dreams. Anything is possible if you believe. Morning Planets The Moon is nearing Venus in the predawn sky now. They are the t…. Aries loves to start things and go for it.

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Now is the time to be bold and adventurous with new projects. The Moon also squares Mars, the planet that is associated with Aries, to give it more punch. Yes, you can get physical and move things around. Be strong! Morning Planets Now is the time to watch the Moon move between the predawn planets. The Moon is heading towards Venus this week and will join her Saturday.

What a good combination with getting back to normal after a long holiday weekend. You will want to be physical today, so take a walk, work out or move something around. Things will happen fast, just the way Aries likes it! She will be heading further east each morning. The Moon isn't as easy to…. In the US, it's a holiday, so have some fun. Do something unusual that you haven't done before. Focus on the future. Be adventurous and welcome excitement. Morning Planets These are the planets in the predawn sky now.

The Moon will be moving through an open sky until she reaches Venus. It's harder to see how fast the Moon moves when she's by herself. If you push it today, you can finish the project you have been working on. Choose something that you can complete in one day to stay with this timing. It hasn't been easy, but now the end is in sight.

That will take longer than a week, but will be fun to watch. You need to get up just before sun…. This is the time to focus and get a lot of work done. If you don't let yourself get distracted, you can have an epic couple of days. Go for the hard stuff. Capricorn loves to feel accomplished. The Moon is right next to Jupiter and Saturn now. She will be moving further east each morning. This combination brings focus and deliberate action. Make a long To-Do-List for today and check off the items when you finish them.

Choose quick and easy projects so you can get a lot of them done today. You will feel so accomplished. The Moon will be right next to J…. We now have a new royal baby named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. So for all those anglophiles who also love astrology. Archie was born on May 6, at a. He is a double Taurus with his Sun and Moon both in that sign of luxury.

His Moon is in intelligent Gemini and he…. The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 21st at 1: a. Gemini is an air sign and is associated with Mercury, the messenger of the Zodiac. When this sign learns something new, it is compelled to share it with others. There is a child-like wonder with this sign. They are very good at entertaining themselves and are never bored.

Maybe a…. Gemini Happy Birthday, perky Gemini! Yes, perky belongs to Gemini and this birthday will be particularly exciting. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in Gemini from May 22nd — June 5th. Even though you are the smartie-pants of all the signs of the Zodiac, this month will top even your most brilliant phase. What a great birthday present for yourself!

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Cancer There is a powerful window in time for you, dear Cancer. What an energetic way to start out the week!

Taurus 12222 Horoscope

Start new projects that might seem daunting, but you will soon see how easy they are. Have fun and laugh today. Enjoyment in the air! I wish my sister Cathy Happy Birthday! Morning Planets The Moon is in the morning sky now and will be moving past the predawn planets for two weeks. Many like to spend the once-a-year Scorpio Full Moon in a quiet way.

This sign likes introspection, reflection and privacy. So don't feel bad if you are not in the mood to go to that big party. You might want to stay home and spend it with a special party just for you. On a Full Moon, thi…. This combination is all about making changes in the home. Move things around and make more space. If you have any boxes in the corner, either move them or empty them and put everything away.

Don't worry though. Mars will be helping you for a few weeks to come. Feng Shui favored. Are you watching the Moon getting larger each night? Astro Word of the Day: Focus There are a lot of planets in earth signs with both the Capricorn and Taurus parties of planets in the sky now. They are working together very well with each other, so the rest of this week is a great time to push forward your recent project.

If you don't let yourself become distracted, you can finish it! Yes, it will be good to have it done! This is the time to watch the Moon get larger each nigh…. Astro Word of the Day: Accomplishment This is one of the best days that has happened in a long time, folks. There is a party of planets in Capricorn and also a party in Taurus now.

The Virgo Moon is forming a beautiful triangle with them both. If you have been focusing the last few days, this is the time to see results of your hard work. Push through the last tough part and see if you can put the finishing touches on your project. Today is the completion day. Evening Planets This is the we….

Make your detailed list of what you want to accomplish this week and just start checking the items off one by one. Since Neptune is opposing the Moon, don't feel bad if you don't get much done today. But your creativity will be strong to help you imagine what you will be doing. Evening Planets It will be real easy to see the Moon right after sunet.

Each night…. What a great way to start off the week by coming up with new plans and thoughts. Communication is favored for this planetary alignment. This is also a good time to write, do computer stuff and overall, get things done.

Don't feel surprised is you are very energized. Just use it in a positive way. Make sure to spot the Moon tonight right under…. This is the time to release and let go of anything that is no longer needed.


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Venus and Mercury are also in Aries to give you energy for completion. You are stronger than you realize. Morning Planets This is the time to get up early and check out the planets. She will get lost in the glow…. Many people have asked me how I got started in astrology, so I thought it would be a good story to tell.

I was lucky as a child to spend a lot of time with my two great aunts. One of my aunts, the eccentric one, had an interest in eastern philosophies and astrology.

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There were astrology symbols around the house that caught my eye as a very young child. In fact, this aunt had her chart done in by the famous astrologer, Evangeline Adams. I am fortunate to have that chart in my possession toda…. The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 20th at a. Taurus is an earth sign and is associated with Venus. Taurus is the banker of the Zodiac and is quite fortunate with money and resources.

Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, helps to bring abundance to this calm sign. Somehow this clever sign is surrounded by luxury at a bargain price. The perfect Taurus always knows how to get the best quality for the best price. My Taurus sister goes to the most expensive shops an….

Taurus Happy Birthday, dear Taurus!

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This will be quite a birthday month for you. The slow-moving planet Uranus entered your sign in March and will remain there until ! Use this birthday month to make a plan for your new life. Things have been stabl or stuck for a while and now is your time to start fresh. Maybe you can begin in a small way with a new haircut or makeover. The most important thing is to just start. Gemini Gemini is the teacher and author of the Zodiac and that part of you is s….

Astrology can be complicated and I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone. One way to make it more accessible is to make it concise, which is where the keywords come in. Each keyword can only belong to one sign. Beginnings belong to Aries and endings belong to Pisces. Perfectionism is part of Virgo while the big picture goes to Sagittarius. Each sign has a part to play and together, they become an entire system. So here are some keywords for each of the signs.

Most of you know these al…. The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20th at p. Aries is a fire sign and is associated with Mars, the warrior. Aries is the initiator of the Zodiac and reminds me of the Big Bang, which supposedly was the beginning of everything. Yes, coffee is the drug of choice for Aries. How perfect it is that the beginning of the astrological year is Aries as well as the Spring E…. The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on February 18th at p.

Pisces is a water sign and is associated with the dreamy Neptune. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and represents wisdom and intuition. Many artists, healers, counselors, psychics and yoga instructors are Pisces. This sign likes altered states of consciousness and just needs to pick the most positive way to get into another space. Meditation or medication is often their choice. The month of P…. Pisces Happy Birthday, Pisces. This will be quite a birthday month for you since Mercury will be doing a retrograde in Pisces from March 5th — 27th.

When that happens, you have a great opportunity to change your life from the inside out. You will just not be drawn to do the same things as you had before. The outdated patterns will dissolve and leave way for the new you. Aries The wild planet Uranus has been in Aries since and will be leaving to enter Taurus on March 6th. This is your very l…. Welcome to the Chinese New Year! On February 4th, the Earth Pig will take over , at least in Chinese astrology. It is said that a Pig year brings goodwill and prosperity and is one of the most beloved animals in their Zodiac.

I have an Asian friend and called this the year of the Boar. She corrected me and said the Boar was too hard or mean of an image and she preferred to call it the Piggy and she always looks forward to a Piggy year. So Piggy it is. The Chinese New Year starts on a differe…. The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 20th at a.