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01/25 Birthday - Zodiac Information. January Most Compatabile With: Sagittarius The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on January 25th.

Profile of Premadasa Kaluthanthri. Premadasa Kaluntantri B. These books include the following:.

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Book explains the character of a woman based on the features of her body and its organs. This book explains with examples the planetary positions in your horoscope as well as those prevailing at present that delay your marriage. This book explains how a husband a wife should live in peace in spite of disparities in their character and their mindset.

This book explains, with examples, how planetary positions could help to solve the problems encountered in married life. These are very popular with the Sinhala reading public in Sri Lanka. Some of these books have been printed thrice. In addition to writing, he is also engaged in reading horoscopes of Sri Lankans as well as foreigners. He has two web sites though which his services are made available worldwide. He can also advise you on auspices times to commence your venture with the firm assurance of success. Similarly he can advise you lucky numbers and days. Kalutantantri contributes articles on astrology to daily Newspapers as well as Sunday Newspapers in Sri Lanka.

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Kalutantri is one of the leading astrologers in Sri Lanka and is much sought after by the Sri Lankan public. He specializes on matters pertaining to marriage and problems in marriage.

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Kalutantri had a liking for astrology from his childhood itself. He started leavening astrology when was schooling.

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In later life he had conducted research in different aspects of astrology. He is a d graduate of. Sri Jayawardhanapura University of Sri Lanka. After schooling he joined the Public Service and after years of service retired as an Administrative Officer.

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Unlike many other astrologers, he is not dependent solely on the traditional knowledge of the East and West but conducts research so that new areas in astrology could be found. From onwards, he has been teaching astrology. Those who learnt astrology from him exceed 9, up to now. And some of them are practicing astrologers in Sri Lanka and abroad.

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  5. Kalutantri is engaged in research in astrology even at present. Some of his findings in research have been included in the books he has published and traits of your spouse based on the planetary positions of your horoscope. I have come across several marriages breaking down in a short time after marriage in spite the two parties having been in love or intimately known to each other for a long time.

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    Similarly there are successful marriages between young or older persons who had not known each other until they got married. Unlike in the western countries, in the East, a person marries a spouse with the hope of living together for life. In the west, when a husband or a wife finds that it is difficult to live a happy married life with a spouse, they do not try to prolong an unhappy married life and would obtain a divorce very early.

    An astrologer usually checks the compatibilities between the two horoscopes. There are usually 20 compatibility aspects.

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    However there are many marriages with high levels of compatibility breaking down, sometimes, very early in married life. There are several other factors like the affliction of Mars, similarity of sexual lives, attitudes etc which determine the success of a marriage. The affliction of Mars should be considered both from the Lagna as well as from Moon. This means that affliction of Mars will prevail when Mars is in the Lagna , second , fourth, seventh , eighth and the twelfth from the Lagna or from Moon , with Moon considered as the Lagna.

    If the affliction of Mars, calculated from the Lagna is present in one horoscope only, then that marriage cannot be considered to be suitable.

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    Similarly if the affliction of Mars is there in one horoscope only, when counted from Moon as the Lagna, that too is not suitable for marriage. For the marriage to be suitable there should be the affliction of Mars in both horoscopes or it should not be present in both. This should be considered from the Lagna or from Moon separately.

    It is however not necessary for Mars in one horoscope to have Mars in the identical house in the other horoscope. My Official website.